Our advisors are trusted business leaders in their professional disciplines. Together, they speak a dozen languages fluently, have experience in nearly every region on the globe and are actively involved in most management areas.

PNWA Advisors

Jonathan M. Bensky Seattle, USA President & CEO
A retired Senior Foreign Commercial Service Officer, Jonathan Bensky has almost 40 years of diplomatic and business experience, expanding US exports and advising American companies on markets, investments and international business relationships … Read Jon Bensky’s full bio.
Casey Chin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chief Representative – Southeast Asia
Casey is an entrepreneur and founding partner at ARCS with 20 years of Southeast Asian business development and cross border corporate integration experience through activities in financial investment and international trade … Read Casey Chin’s full bio.
Hongyu He Seattle, USA Senior Advisor, China-US Business Advisory Services
Hongyu has an outstanding understanding of both Chinese and American business cultures as well as broad international business experience along with her excellent trilingual language skills … Read Hongyu’s He’s full bio
Jeff Hoyt Seattle, USA Managing Director—Corporate Finance
Jeff Hoyt has over thirty years of banking and corporate finance experience working for major US commercial and investment banking companies, and in such capacity has traveled extensively in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia … Read Jeff Hoyt’s full bio.
Adam J. Matschek Seattle, USA Senior Advisor, Global Market Development
Mr. Matschek has a diverse background in international trade, working in both the public and private sectors. He specializes in working with U.S. exporters to bring clarity to foreign regulations, creating market development strategies, and assisting companies to form profitable new partnerships in challenging environments. … Read Adam Matschek’s full bio.
Stephen E. Murphy Seattle and Rio de Janeiro US Business Advisory Services: Latin America
A resident also of Brazil, Mr. Murphy currently provides business development for universities, software, media and clean technology firms expanding to South America, as well as to Brazilian firms seeking strategic partnerships stateside. His expertise includes access to high level government officials in Brasilia, Washington D.C. and to executives in multilateral and international financial institutions. He is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese … Read Steve Murphy’s full bio.
Jerry W. Ralston, Ph.D. Seattle, USA Managing Director Global Business Advisory Services
Jerry Ralston has personal business experience in over 40 countries, representing all major world markets. He is active as an international business practitioner, consultant and educator, currently serving as President and CEO, MSI United Ltd, and as a panelist for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution of the American Arbitration Association ... Read Jerry Ralston’s full bio.
Cheryl Schell Vancouver, Canada Chief Representative-Canada
Cheryl Schell cschell35@gmail.com is currently the President of B2B Commerce Connections, www.businessmatchmaker.ca. Cheryl focuses her work on international business development, especially trade and commercial ties between U.S. and Canada, and on helping international companies establish a business presence in Canada. Cheryl has over 23 years experience in international trade … Read Cheryl Schell’s full bio.
Steve Solot Rio de Janeiro PNWA Representative: Brazil
Steve Solot is currently President of the Rio de Janeiro State Government Film Commission. He is also President and founder of the Latin American Training Center (LATC), a regional media training and consulting center in Rio. He previously served as Senior VP, Latin American Operations of the Motion Picture Association of America - MPAA, the US film industry trade association for the major Hollywood studios.... Read Steve Solot’s full bio
Hemant Sonawala Mumbai, India Chief Representative: India
Mr. Sonawala is a leading Indian industrialist and entrepreneur who has been a leader in the introduction and development of high-technology products in India in many fields including information technology, electronics, instrumentation, telecommunications components and sub-systems. … Read Hemant Sonawala’s full bio
Saurabh Sonawala Mumbai, India Senior Advisor, India
Saurabh Sonawala, Managing Director of the Hinditron Group, has more than 25 years’ experience in Indian and U.S. IT and technology industries, managing and consulting for many technology and non-technology companies. He is an active promoter of trade and investment between India and the U.S., including offering advisory services to American companies wanting to do business in India. … Read Saurabh Sonawala’s full bio
Andreas Udbye Tacoma, USA Senior Advisor, Global Supply Chains
After many years in international trade and transportation management, Udbye is now a professor at the University of Puget Sound, where he teaches courses in global trade and management, including supply chain management, specializing in India, South Asia and Scandinavia, where he is from. He is a past World Trade Center Tacoma Executive Director. He is currently doing research in global supply chain risk management. … Read Andreas Udbye’s full bio.
Joseph O. Vogel Seattle, USA Senior Advisor, Export Services
Joseph O. Vogel has over 40 years of global business as an operations executive and management advisor. He has worked in a variety of companies as well as government and educational institutions. … Read Joseph Vogel’s full bio.
Donald W. Vollmer Seattle, USA Chairman
For over 40 years, Don Vollmer has been involved in global business, including resident banking assignments in Frankfurt, London and Paris. He was president of the Paris-based merchant bank, Banque Ameribas, owned 60% by Bank of America, and a project analyst with the World Bank. He is a past board and Executive Committee member of the Washington State China Relations Council. … Read Don Vollmer’s full bio.
John Y. Zhang Beijing, China Chief Representative: China
John Zhang is the Vice President of WEDO Investment Co., Ltd of Beijing. He served for 15 years as the Managing Director of the Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area (BDA) Investment Promotion Bureau, and as the Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the BDA, from where he retired in 2008. John Zhang has been involved in business investment negotiations in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, and the US. … Read John Zhang’s full bio

PNWA Advisory Board

Our advisory board members are actively engaged in PNWA projects relevant their background. These trusted professionals provide an additional layer to our global expertise.

David W Bennett (full bio) Seattle, USA Director—Global Software Industry and Services
Currently serving as the CEO of Excelerate Systems—David has over 25 years of experience in running the International operations of high technology and Enterprise Software companies in particular. In addition, David has extensive experience of merger and acquisitions Internationally. In the course of his activities he has helped companies enter and manage business activity in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Japan, China, India, SE Asia and Latin America.

Richard K. Brinton (full bio) Vice President Marketing & Sales, Novinium
Functional Expertise: Global Business Development
Regional Expertise: Europe, Americas, and Asia

Russell J. Cheetham, Ph.D. (full bio) President, Asia-Pacific Investment Services Corporation
Functional Expertise: Public Finance
Regional Expertise: Russia, and East and South Asia

Charles E. Doan (full bio) International trade/transportation
Functional Expertise: Land/marine transportation, air/marine ports
  Executive management and administration
  Industrial real estate development
Regional Expertise: USA, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia,
  Middle East

Peter M. Guyer (full bio) President of Athena Marketing International LLC,
Functional Expertise: Global marketing, business development and consulting with Food and Beverage businesses
Regional Expertise: Europe, Americas, and Asia

Gregg Haggquist (full bio) President, Monterey Global Energy Co. Ltd.
Functional Expertise: Oil and Gas trading, marketing and business development in domestic and international markets.
Regional Expertise: North American oil markets with deep experience in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Sidney Rittenberg (full bio) Founder & President, Rittenberg Associates
Functional Expertise: China Business Development
Regional Expertise: China

William T. Robinson (full bio) International legal practice
Functional Expertise: International business formation, project development, foreign commercial transactions, privatization, energy, logistics, government relations, technology, trade and investment in Russia.
Regional Expertise: Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, Japan, South Korea

Hemant Sonawala (full bio) President, Hinditron Group; Founder, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
Functional Expertise: India Business Development; IT, Software, Regional Expertise: India

David B. Woodward (full bio) Chairman & CEO, Associates in Cultural Exchange
Functional Expertise: International business and educational project development and administration
Regional Expertise: Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, and Western Europe


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